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Gelaten zaken, acryl op linnen, 100 x 220 cm
dominique ebbeng

Human behavior interests me, criminal behavior fascinates me. What triggers criminal behavior? Is it madness or badness? Is it only human to react in a primitive way? How much wickedness can be found in an average person? In my thesis I found a resemblance between the artist and the terrorist. They are similar to each other in more than one respect. It’s a sliding scale, only separated by a healthy mind and a conscience. A few artists balance on the edge and appear in court. I keep my head cool, so my work is not shocking. But after this thesis I wondered how I could use the psychology of evil and how it could help me paint. The result of this is called 'Still life' (2011), series of victims of crimes which were fantasized by myself or other people. These crimes could be executed if the inventers had no conscience. I noticed that people chose a crime that suits them. You can easily imagine them doing it. The victims in 'Still life' are like the trophies on a 17th century hunting scene. They create an appetizing picture of a fantasized crime. You may get in the mood to fantasize your own crime. Or just get in the mood for painting.

Dominique (1966, psychologist / fine artist)

Living on Curaçao.


Phone: +5999 510 74 66.

juli 2014: Connected, ACEC Apeldoorn
2012: Galerie Halte De Engel, Rheden
2012: LaVerbe, Nijmegen
2012: Winter Encounters Walls gallery Amsterdam
2012: Meesterwerk Docentenexpositie KWA Schaarsbergen
2011: Young & Inspired Galerie Sanaa Utrecht
2011: Kunstinhetkerkje Velp (NB)
2011: Ongekend Talent, AAF Amsterdam
2011: Helaas Etalage derde wal Nijmegen
2011: Eindexamenexpositie Fine Art, ArtEZ Arnhem
2011: Benefiet-expo galerie de Buytensael, Arnhem
2011, De Etalages, Arnhem
2010: 'Zonder twijfel', De Braamberg Arnhem
2009: Geheim gereedschap, Baptist Arnhem
2009: Diep, Spoorzicht kunst en design Arnhem

Broadway Gallery New York, 2014
Florence Biennale 2014

CBKU Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Utrecht


GBK Gemeenschap Beeldende Kunstenaars

Fine Art Arnhem 2011

Won art contest Luxity magazine,2010